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Who would win in a Head II Head Triathlon? Chelsea Sodaro & Sarah Piampiano

Head to Head - Chelsea Sodaro and Sarah Piampiano

Professional Triathletes Chelsea Sodaro & Sarah Piampiano discuss different race scenarios in a half distance triathlon and a full distance triathlon and how they would play out between Chelsea and Sarah. Sarah gives herself the edge over the long course because of her mental resilience but the consensus is that Chelsea could out kick Sarah […]

Cody Beals on his disappointing Kona debut with Rach McBride

Head to Head - Cody Beals and Rach McBride

Cody Beals reflects with Rach McBride about his disappointing performance at Kona 2019 having won Ironman Mont-Tremblant 8 weeks earlier and set a course record in the process. Cody’s mechanical issue on the bike leg as well poor lead up in those 8 weeks after Mont-Tremblant left him not being able to finish the race […]

Will you race in the Olympics? Lucy Charles-Barclay & Cam Wurf Part 4

Head to Head - Cam Wurf and Lucy Charles-Barclay

Professional Triathletes discuss whether they see themselves racing in the Olympics. Cam Wurf has already competed in the Olympic Games as a rower in 2004, however, he gave himself the option if the Olympics had gone ahead this year to race the cycling road race, then the triathlon, then the cycling time trial, then the […]

National 12-hour Time Trial Championships – Joe Skipper & Sam Long (Part 3)

Head to Head - Joe Skipper and Sam Long

Joe Skipper and Sam Long discuss Joe’s injury return and entry to a ‘bad ass’ National 12-hour Time Trial Cycling Championships – which he would have won previously had not been for taking a wrong turn a meaning disqualification. Joe has unfinished business with the event so will be returning in August this year whilst […]

Joe Skipper & Sam Long on the battle for Mount Lemmon’s KOM

Head to Head - Joe Skipper and Sam Long

Professional Triathletes Joe Skipper and Sam Long discuss the infamous Mount Lemmon Strava KOM that Lionel Sanders battled to rip away from Sam Long. Sam and Lionel were due to have a 1-on-1 race in person up the the climb but Lionel’s wife Erin cancelled the race via Instagram! This does not mean that we […]

Who would win between Australian triathlon duo Josh Amberger and Sam Appleton?

Head to Head - Josh Amberger and Sam Appleton

Professional triathletes Josh Amberger and Sam Appleton face off with each other on who is the most dominant on the triathlon circuit. The Australian triathlon duo discuss their race battles alongside Tim Reed’s motorcycle frustrations and duking it out on the run… would Josh get the edge on Sam this time around? The pair even […]

Joe Skipper & Sam Long’s biggest triathlon rivals – Head II Head Part 1

Head to Head - Joe Skipper and Sam Long

Who doesn’t want to see more rivalries and UFC style ‘trash talk’ on the triathlon circuit? This pair certainly do! Joe Skipper and Sam Long connect up from across the pond to discuss who they see as some of their biggest rivals and which athletes grind their gears when beating them on the circuit. Joe […]

Triathletes Sam Appleton and Josh Amberger compare Covid lockdown frustrations – Part 3

Head to Head - Josh Amberger and Sam Appleton

Australian professional triathletes Sam Appleton and Josh Amberger compare notes on the frustrations of lockdown life. This Aussie pair are used to churning out the miles on the long-course triathlon circuit, but have had to find other interests to explore – including gardening – whilst longing for their next adventure. Watch this episode to find […]

Handling the mental aspect of training when it’s not going to plan

Head to Head - Chelsea Sodaro and Sarah Piampiano

All athletes, whether they be professional or amateur will know that when you are having an off day but still have training scheduled, that getting it done can seem like you are standing at the base of Everest… But do you take the same approach as Chelsea Sodaro and think it’s better to come back […]

Josh Amberger & Sam Appleton rip into Sam Long!

Head to Head - Josh Amberger and Sam Appleton

Josh Amberger & Sam Appleton pull no punches when it comes to their feelings about fellow professional triathletes! Josh and Sam seem to have a particular affinity towards pointing out how inferior Sam Long is to them and how they can easily beat him in a race. Josh also seems to take particular pleasure from […]

Chelsea Sodaro’s husband worked 3 Jobs so that she could train full time!

There is no question that becoming a professional triathlete is a hard thing to do. It requires years of work, dedication and personal sacrifice… but in so many cases it also requires your loved ones to make sacrifices for your career as well. When Chelsea Sodaro first ventured into professional sport, her husband worked 3 […]

Collins Cup predictions and Triathlon dream teams

Collins Cup predictions and Triathlon dream teams with Mike Phillips and Radka Kahlefeldt

More marquee sports events are what Mike Phillips (New Zealand) and Radka Kahlefeldt (Czech Republic) want for Triathlon to help build the sports global presence in the future! One one those events undoubtedly will be the 2021 Collins Cup. The pair discuss predictions and who they would want in their ‘dream teams’ – with some […]

Chris Leiferman accidentally stole Daniela Ryf’s thunder at 70.3 Worlds

Chris Leiferman accidentally stole Daniela Ryf’s thunder at 70.3 World Championships

Professional Triathletes David McNamee and Chris Leiferman discuss Chris Leiferman’s scarring experience at 70.3 World Championships where he was battling for 22nd place having had a tough day out on the racecourse and in order to keep position had to sprint alongside Daniela Ryf as she was crossing the finish tape to win the women’s […]

The importance of mental resilience for Pro Triathletes Skye Moench & Jackie Hering


American Professional Triathletes Skye Moench and Jacky Hering play a round of quick fire questions including questions about their mentalities when being passed in a race, Skye’s mental resilience, what they are most ashamed of as well as covering the time that Jackie won a 70.3 race when she didn’t realise that she was pregnant!