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As of December 31st 2021
107.07 pts
106.36 pts
104.57 pts
104.54 pts
109.62 pts
102.82 pts
100.89 pts
99.41 pts
99.26 pts
A head-to-head showdown in Samorin among the world’s greatest athletes will determine who rules triathlon
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We are the Professional Triathletes Organisation

The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) is a not-for-profit entity that supports the body of professional triathletes and seeks to showcase the passion, talents, determination, struggles and achievements of the dedicated professionals who strive to realise the highest levels of the sport and inspire all those who participate in triathlon, from the seasoned age grouper to the newbie.

The PTO allows professional triathletes to follow the path of other professional athletes like tennis and golf where the professionals took on the responsibility to nurture and grow their sport, alongside other stakeholders.

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