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The PTO Pro Am at the Herbalife24 Triathlon Los Angeles is coming up on 15 May. You can watch live on this page on event day – or check out broadcasters for wherever you are in the world!


PTO Pro Am Schedule

15 May 2022

The full line up of events at the Herbalife24 Triathlon Los Angeles includes pro men’s and women’s races vying for a $100,000 prize purse.

Then there’s the first-ever PTO Pro Am where top-ranked PTO professionals will team up with Challenged Athlete Foundation (CAF) athletes and some special guests.

Pro Am Teams

Here are the six teams who will battle it out for victory in the first-ever PTO Pro Am!

Team 1

Haven Shepherd CAF Athlete
Haven Shepherd

CAF Athlete
Swimmer and track runner

Lionel Sanders
Lionel Sanders

PTO World #3
25x middle-distance champ
Silver 2021 IM World Champs

Paul Felder
Paul Felder

Former UFC Star
Current triathlon addict

Team 2

Emily Gray CAF athlete
Emily Gray

CAF Athlete
Para-climber, ice-climber and swimmer

Sam Long
Sam Long

PTO World #8
Silver 2021 70.3 world champs
6x middle-distance champ

Rudy Garcia-Tolson CAF Athlete
Rudy Garcia-Tolson

CAF Athlete
Swimmer and para-triathlete

Team 3

Allysa Seely CAF Athlete
Allysa Seely

CAF Athlete

Daniel Baekkegard
Daniel Baekkegard

PTO World #4
Bronze 2021 70.3 world champs
4x middle-distance champ

Heather Fell - GTN
Heather Fell

GTN Presenter
Olympic Silver Medallist

Team 4

Ahalya Lettenberger CAF Athlete
Ahalya Lettenberger

CAF Athlete

Haley Chura
Haley Chura

PTO World #65
6x middle-distance champ
Ironman champion

Roderick Sewell CAF Athlete
Roderick Sewell

CAF Athlete
Swimmer and para-triathlete

Team 5

Jamal Hill CAF Athlete
Jamal Hill

CAF Athlete

Skye Moench
Skye Moench

PTO World #7
2019 IM European champ
2x middle-distance champ

Dr Kent Bradley
Dr Kent Bradley

Herbalife Chief Health and Nutrition Officer

Team 6

Chris Hammer CAF Athlete
Chris Hammer

CAF Athlete

Heather Jackson
Heather Jackson

PTO World #14
12x middle-distance champ
6x IM champ

Willie Stewart CAF Athlete
Willie Stewart

CAF Athlete
Para-triathlete, cyclist and marathoner

How To Watch The PTO Pro Am

The PTO Pro Am will be streaming on this page as well as YouTube, Facebook and the broadcasters below. Don’t miss a moment of the action!

Territory Broadcasters
Global This Page!
Global PTO YouTube
Global PTO Facebook
Global OutsideTV
USA BeIN Sport
Canada BeIN Sport
Canada CBC Sports Digital
Europe Eurosport Player
Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Poland (integrated in TVN Player), Spain, UK Discovery+

PTO Pro Am highlights will also be broadcast on Eurosport in Europe and Asia.

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