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June 30, 2022

Precision Fuel & Hydration And PTO Launch Fuel And Hydration Planner To Combat DNFs On New PTO Tour

PF&H Fuel and Hydration Planner

30 June

London: The Professional Triathletes Organisation and Precision Fuel & Hydration have launched a new, free online tool that lets athletes create a personalised race nutrition strategy to help them crush their next race and avoid a dreaded DNF (Did Not Finish).

The Precision Fuel & Hydration Planner takes information about the race, the athlete and their goals and runs it through an algorithm, refined through more than 11 years of working with elite and age-group athletes around the world, to generate a tailored race nutrition plan covering how much carbohydrate, sodium and fluid to take in – including a step-by-step guide to hitting those numbers.

Athletes racing one of the inaugural PTO Tour races this summer – the inaugural PTO Canadian Open (July 23-24); the second edition of Collins Cup (August 20); and the first PTO US Open (September 17-18) – will get a streamlined experience, with key details such as predicted weather conditions already factored into their race plan.  They will also receive detailed information about what Precision Fuel & Hydration products will be available on course and how to use them to help them perform at their best on their big day.  

The free tool has already got the thumbs up from PF&H’s impressive raft of pro triathletes, including Emma Pallant-Browne (PTO World #8), Leon Chevalier (#12), Sam Appleton (#22) and Fenella Langridge (#22). These athletes used early versions of the tool, alongside the support of PF&H’s Sports Science team, to refine their approach for what is often called triathlon’s “Fourth Discipline”.

Pallant-Browne in particular has shown the benefits of working with PF&H’s experts recently, with a great run of results – including an impressive win in 34C heat at IM 70.3 Luxembourg – that has seen her leap up to #8 in the PTO World Rankings.  She heads to Edmonton for the PTO Canadian Open with a great chance of winning the race, as well as pushing for qualification to make Team Europe in The Collins Cup.

“Knowing how much carb, fluid and sodium I need to replace when I race makes it easier for me to stay fuelled and hydrated and produce my best performance.”

“My biggest tip would be to plan and to know your numbers, so that if you drop something you know how to make up for that. I’ve even started walking through aid stations to make sure I get in exactly what I need and it always pays off at the end of the run.”

PF&H Co-founder Andy Blow said:

“Our aim with the Fuel & Hydration Planner was to enable all athletes, everywhere to have access to the same expertise as the pro athletes they enjoy watching, so that they can avoid common race nutrition mistakes and nail their performance when it matters most.”

Commenting, PTO CEO Sam Renouf, said:

“Our joint ambition when we kicked off our ‘Death to DNF’ campaign with Precision Fuel & Hydration earlier this year was to reduce the DNF rate to zero at PTO Tour events – clearly a very ambitious target. But we believe the introduction of the new Precision Fuel & Hydration Planner at all our races will help all our racers move the DNF needle in the right direction.”


For further information

Precision Fuel & Hydration

Marketing Director Dave Colley at [email protected] or on +44 791 241 6150. PF&H’s management team will be attending the PTO Tour’s Canadian Open event in July and will be available to demo the Fuel & Hydration Planner and discuss their work with PTO triathletes.

About Precision Fuel & Hydration

Founded in 2011 by ex-pro triathlete and sports scientist Andy Blow, Precision Fuel & Hydration have been working with both elite and age-group athletes for over a decade, providing sweat testing, educational insights and fueling and hydration products that allow athletes to create and execute individualised strategies to maximise their performance and minimise the chances of a nutritional failure during a race

Professional Triathletes Organisation

Anthony Scammell E: [email protected]

About the PTO

The PTO is a new body co-owned by the professional athletes, seeking to take the sport to the next level and see it grow and thrive.  The inaugural PTO Tour race schedule for 2022 includes: the first-ever PTO Canadian Open (July 23-24); the second edition of $1.5M Ryder Cup-style Collins Cup (August 20), which sees Team Europe take on Team USA and Team International; and the first PTO US Open (September 17-18). Each Open carries a minimum prize money of $1M and will be raced over 100km (2km swim, 80km bike and 18km run). In 2023 and 2024, the PTO Tour plans to expand with the PTO European Open and the PTO Asian Open, alongside their US and Canadian equivalents and the Collins Cup.

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