October 7, 2020

HIGHLIGHTS: Huntington Triathlon

HIGHLIGHTS: Huntington Triathlon

Relive all the action from the PTO supported Huntington Triathlon.

Indiana played host to this October Olympic distance race with 29 pros uniting for action for a share of a $20k prize purse creating a fast and furious autumn showdown at Lake Claire.

The race had everything to offer with a mix of experience and youth fighting for the win with PTO Ambassador Meredith Kessler, Veteran Matt Hanson, Daytona wildcard hopeful Justin Metzler, ITU star Jason West and former USA Triathlon Elite Rookie of the Year, Alissa Doehla all lining up.

Watch the highlights and reaction…

Men’s Results:

1st Justin Metzler (USA) – 1:48:06
2nd Jason West (USA) – 1:49:34
3rd Matt Hanson (USA) – 1:50:40
4th Bradley Weiss (SA) – 1:51:43
5th Andrew Keily (USA) – 1:52:47
6th Marty Andrie (USA) – 1:53:23
7th TJ Tollakson (USA) – 1:53:34
8th Matt McWilliams (USA) – 1:54:34
9th Scott Haeberle (USA) – 1:55:18
10th Benjamin Stone (USA) – 1:55:50
11th Patrick Brady (USA) – 1:56:52
12th Andy Krueger (USA) – 1:59:19
13th Nathan Cohen (USA) – 2:02:22

Women’s Results:

1st Jeanni Seymour (SA) – 2:02:02
2nd Meredith Kessler (USA) – 2:02:25
3rd Alissa Doehla (USA) – 2:02:38
4th Jennifer Spieldenner (USA) – 2:04:02
5th Lisa Becharas (USA) – 2:05:06
6th Grace Walther (USA) – 2:06:26
7th Megan Foley (USA) – 2:07:15
8th Maddy Pesch (USA) – 2:09:53
9th Brittany Higgins (USA) – 2:10:45
10th Sarah Bishop (USA) – 2:12:02
11th Amanda Wendorff (USA) – 2:13:42
12th Lenny Ramsey (NED) – 2:17:15
13th Laura Mathews (USA) – 2:23:42
14th Kearci Smith (USA) – 2:29:16

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