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June 28, 2022

PTO Canadian Open Men’s Field Announced

PTO Canadian Open Men's Field

The men’s field for the first PTO Canadian Open has been announced and we’re in for some ferocious racing from a stacked start list.

Backing up an incredibly strong women’s start list for the PTO Canadian Open, the men’s field by no means disappoints with the upper echelons of the male PTO World Rankings ready to do battle in Edmonton!

On Sunday 24 July it will be the men’s turn to do battle for a share of the $1m prize purse on offer as well as a 10% PTO points bonus on offer – a factor that could prove crucial as the event is also the last qualifying race for this year’s Collins Cup. This year’s Collins Cup qualification could prove even more competitive than last year’s so every point is going to fought for tooth and nail. 

PTO World #1 Kristian Blummenfelt is the highest-ranked athlete set to start and will be joined by his Norwegian counterpart, colleague and competitor Gustav Iden (PTO World #2). This will be the first time that the two get to battle it out in a long-distance setting having previously chosen different races to each other or mechanical issues putting a stop to any all-out racing. 

The Norwegian pair will also have the likes of the lion Lionel Sanders (PTO World #3) to contend with over the 100km course and he is hungry to take the Norwegians down a peg or two. Then comes a flurry of European stars all of whom will be targeting a spot of Team Europe at The Collins Cup; Daniel Bækkegård (PTO World #5), Patrick Lange (PTO World #10) Magnus Ditlev (PTO World #11) and Joe Skipper (PTO World #13).

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Also joining the European party in Edmonton is none other than Sebastian Kienle (PTO World #33), in what will be his final year racing as a pro Sebi has chosen the PTO Canadian Open as one of his top priority races to go out with a bang!

Then in the US camp the likes of Matt Hanson (PTO World #8) Ben Kanute (PTO World #16), Rudy Von Berg (PTO World #18) and Jason West (PTO World #24) join the parade of stars and stripes in Edmonton all keen to make an impression on their next-door neighbours! 

Last and by no means least come the International athletes, including those Canadians who have the home turf advantage! Jackson Laundry (PTO World #15) joins Sanders in the lineup of Canadians who get to race at home, cheered on by their home crowds from the grandstands. Other International athletes include Sam Appleton (PTO World #22), Kyle Smith (PTO World #23) and Matt Trautman (PTO World #32) all of whom will be ready to show their strength on the day as well as to prove themselves worthy of a Collins Cup spot.   

History is ready to be made in Edmonton and it’s not too late to join the action and race in one of the age group races also being hosted as part of the first-ever PTO Tour Event. The age group races are held at different times to the professional races so you don’t have to miss any of the pro racing action! Find out more and register for the open water swim and triathlon races here.

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